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Las Vegas Home Values Are Still Low

If you’re like many Las Vegas Nevada residents you have more than likely experienced a large decrease in your home value. Even though many home owners have seen their values go up in the past year or two, it’s still no where near what it needs to be for most home owners to stay in their home.

Short Sale Buy Back Program Now Available

There is a program now available for you to short sale your primary residence in Las Vegas Nevada and buy it back based on the current market value. Many people haven’t even heard of the program, even though it has been available for quite some. This is a great alternative for many Las Vegas home owners to stay in their home and avoid foreclosure due to either a loss of income or an increased mortgage payment. Most homes are still upside down and a program like this allows for a reduction in principle that an ordinary loan modification may not allow for.

The short sale buy back may not work for everyone, but if you qualify the benefits are truly astounding. Our mission here at First Prime Realty Group and The Lathe Lavada Home Selling Team is to help as many home owners qualify for this program as possible and make sure others avoid foreclosure.

Time Is Running Out On The Debt Forgiveness Act Of 2007

Time is limited and with the Debt Forgiveness Act drawing to a close this December 2013 many home owners are very concerned, as they should be. The tax consequences and liability for short selling their property in 2014 could be staggering. The Debt Forgiveness Act originated in 2007 and allows for home owners of a primary residence to short sale and avoid tax consequences for those who qualify. Contrary to popular belief there are other alternatives to avoiding this tax, however home owners should call our office for a free consultation to learn about many other amazing programs like this.

Las Vegas Home Owners In A State of Confusion

With so many companies diving into the short sale and distressed home owner market it is hard to know who to trust and which path to take during these difficult times. This is why we here at First Prime Realty Group have spent time and money to educate and  learn about all of the options available for a distressed home owner looking at the possibility of foreclosure. Myself and my team has been doing short sale transactions since the very beginning and encourage you to reach out to our office by either entering your contact information into our contact form or calling our office for your free no obligation no strings attached consultation now.

Our Short Sale Services Are Completely Free

Remember our short sale services are completely free to you. We hope you will be our very next short short sale buy back success story. Call For Your Free Consultation Now 702.389.1461.



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